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Aircraft Paint Stripper - North America

Solvent Mixture

General cleaning principles include the ability to solubilize unwanted material. Paint remover and stripper works by swelling the polymer, disrupting some of the chemical bonds, softening the paint, and making mechanical removal easier. Two factors are: 1) How soluble the uncross-linked polymer is in the solvent and 2) the length of the chains between cross-links (the shorter the length, the higher the cross-link density, and the less opportunity for swelling.) For a specific type of paint, a paint remover can be tailored to be more effective. Detailed knowledge of the type of paint, polymer composition, and molecular and cross-link structure. Paint has three major components: pigments, binders, and solvents.

Joseph Sabol, PhD

Chemist and Chemical Consultant

Racine, Wisconsin USA

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