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Joseph E. Sabol, PhD




Joseph E. Sabol, PhD, Principal-Consultant, is a problem solver in the chemical and related sectors. Analytical and physical chemistry R&D in chemical synthesis & analysis, physical properties, thermodynamics, ionic equilibria and activity, materials science, corrosion/etching of metals, oxides, semiconductors, polymers & adhesives, chemical hygiene & safety, and regulatory compliance; 35+ years experience as a chemical consultant, consulting chemist, and chemical engineer.

Sabol helps you

1) understand the fundamentals of your systems;

2) apply fundamental principles through a broad perspective;

3) develop multiple solutions to your problems; and

4) plan a strategic, proactive direction for the future. We specialize in helping small and growing companies understand their "chemistry." 

Chemist and chemical engineering consultant and problem solver to the chemical, polymer, and semiconductor material industry. Retired university professor: analytical, physical, and environmental chemistry. Expertise includes chemical analysis; chemical engineering, metals/oxides preparation and properties; semiconductor cleaning and etching; ionic activity, equilibria, and pH solution properties; adhesive and polymer applications; pulp and paper; pharmaceutical formulation; food processing; chemical hygiene, safety, regulatory compliance.


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