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ACS Fall 2024

ACS Fall 2024

Denver, August 18-22

Sunday August 18, 0800-1200 MDT

Division of Energy & Fuels (ENFL)

Elevating the Discussion around Methane

The current global market value of methane (natural gas) is $105 billion and is projected to grow at least 5% per year. Methane is second in terms of contribution to the greenhouse gas inventory, between carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide, and accounting for about 30% of the global warming since the industrial revolution; the atmospheric concentration of methane is increasing faster than at any time since record keeping began in the 1980s. Methane’s savior is its mean atmospheric lifetime of about ten years, providing a near-term opportunity to mitigate its atmospheric concentration, the imbalance between natural sources and sinks. This symposium includes methane sources and sinks, measurement, control, and use technology, climate modeling, regulatory impacts, and market supply and demand.

With ENFL Symposium Organizers Jingbo Louise Liu and Kirsten Rosselot

Monday, August 19, 2-6 pm MDT

CINF Elevating the Discussion around Scientific Information

Information flows to us via many channels. Misleading information is more than an inconvenience, it can create chaos and delay or prevent decisions in areas such as public health, environmental action, and the market. Society action taken without regard for reliable information is undesirable. Assessing the quality of scientific literature is an art, a skill that not every member of society is capable of performing. Mis- and dis-information, claims not supported by evidence, can spread like wildfire; if unchallenged, societal polarization can increase and confidence in public institutions can erode. What are the best practices that we can share, to help society understand and resolve complex social and technical issues? This session brings elements of information theory, education, libraries, behavioral science, artificial intelligence, and public policy as tools to address misleading information.
With CINF Symposium Organizer Judith Currano, University of Pennsylvania

ACS Fall 2024 Denver

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Details on 1) indoor air quality, 2) methane, 3) carbon dioxide, 4) misleading information, and 5) SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19 Resources.