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Coping with Misleading Information

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  • March 21, 2024

Coping with Misleading Information

American Chemical Society Spring 2024

New Orleans, March 21, 2024

Division of Chemical Information (CINF)

Information flows to us via many channels. Misleading information is more than an inconvenience, it can create chaos and delay or prevent decisions in areas such as public health, environmental action, and the market. Scientific literature enjoys longstanding guardrails to publish peer-reviewed reports and issue retractions when warranted. The popular press and social media proffer in real time and mis- and dis-information can spread like wildfire; if unchallenged, societal polarization can increase and confidence in public institutions can erode. What can the chemical and scientific community do to help society understand complex social and technological issues? This session brings elements of information theory, education, libraries, behavioral science, artificial intelligence, and public policy as tools to address misleading information.

Oral, invited and contributed. Speakers may appear in-person or remote/virtual. 


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Details on 1) indoor air quality, 2) methane, 3) carbon dioxide, 4) misleading information, and 5) SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19 Resources.