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Chemical Business Roundtable at NERM 2022

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  • September 16, 2022

Chemical Business Roundtable

This chemical business peer group roundtable will convene NERM industrial attendees, and others interested in learning about industry and entrepreneurship to discuss the challenges faced in chemical business development, including market share expansion, information technology, finance, safety and regulatory compliance, logistics and supply chain, and public health, weather, and other external disruptions. This roundtable will provide a platform to 1) explore resources to help develop business models and plans, 2) learn best practices from others, 3) engage in peer-to-peer chemical business development, and 4) discuss the myriad of concerns, frustrations, and strategies to overcome. This roundtable will encourage dialog and problem solving among participants, which can involve non-competitive, complimentary partnerships, and potentially competitive players. Sponsored by ACS Division of Small Chemical Businesses (SCHB). 

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