About Joseph E. Sabol, Chemical Consultant

Joseph E. Sabol, Chemical Consultant, provides chemical research and development consulting services.

We specialize in chemical problem solving and process and product improvement and cost reduction.

We provide chemical analysis, materials property testing, project, process, and product research and development (including raw materials sourcing and waste reduction/disposal,) technology application, laboratory management, market research, and expert witness services to the parties in the chemical and related sectors.

Take a moment to answer these questions:

  • Does your company want to reduce its operating costs and improve products?
  • Does your company want to advance its position in today’s market?
  • Does your company need an independent evaluation of its products and processes?
  • Does your company have challenging regulatory, safety, or waste disposal issues?
  • Does your company need scientific technical assistance and/or expert witness services in litigation?
  • Does your staff need assistance with problems and issues that cannot be solved with current information and methods?
  • Does your company have technology in need of an independent evaluation?
  • Does your company have literature and reports from suppliers that you do not understand?
  • Does your staff have difficulty explaining complex phenomena to lay persons, i.e., marketing assistance?
  • Does your team or board have a void in expertise and have difficulty solving complex problems?
  • Does your company have projects that your staff never has time for?

    If you answered "Yes" to any of the above, you need help. We will listen to your concerns. We will provide answers.

    We specialize in helping small and growing companies understand their "chemistry." Our staff will help you create breakthroughs in product market, process improvement, and control raw and waste material streams, including the minimization of discharge and disposal of hazardous chemicals and materials.

    We will provide: The molecular basis of your raw materials, processes, and products, including theoretical limitations, such as equilibria or kinetic bottlenecks, so you better understand the “chemistry” of your company and it's manufacturing processes. The design and implementation of a cost-effective research and development program to meet your needs, including providing contract personnel, if needed, to assist the implementation of your program. We will listen to your concerns and help you meet your business objectives by developing a customized program. We work with each client in defining the problems and prioritize the issues by: Working with your staff to define the problems, Identifying the chemical components, reactions and equilibria involved, Researching the fundamental principles of the chemical systems, Recommending and developing an experimental approach that is guided by theory and simulations, Performing chemical analysis and other materials testing, Preparing regular progress updates and discussion with your staff, Evaluating the program to ensure that the goals were met or exceeded.

    In 1999 we started providing research and development services to the chemical, semiconductor, and electronic materials industry.
    Our goals have always included helping each client improve its products and reduce costs.
    We provide each client with confidential, on-site evaluation and independent advisory services.
    We work with each client to provide flexible arrangements that address the individual needs of each client.
    We can engage in research as per your instructions or provide you with our recommendations on how to proceed.
    As a contract provider, we have our staff available to perform work that your present staff cannot handle.
    Our goals are to exceed the expectations of each client.

    Joseph E. Sabol is registered with Federal Government's System for Award Management (SAM). Please contact us if you would like to discuss a prime-subcontractor relationship.

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